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The process of successful high-end hotel design and development commences with the creation of a Hotel Guest Concept:


Explore/Identify owners' vision and mission

Analyze prospective property

Compose the optimal guest experience

Identify a design direction

Define the market to maximize profitability

Draft  guest space requirements

Draft service space schedule

Develop a financial proforma

Commercial kitchen

Establish and orchestrate the multifaceted preopening requirements:

Create an operational budget and cash flow projection

Specify operational furnishings, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E)

Procurement of FF&E

Specify and procure IT requirements

Establish operational systems, policies, and procedures

Develop a Human Resources Schedule of recruitment and training

Wooden scale model

Provide technical services to counsel the design team and meet the expectations of:


The Owners’ Vision

The Targeted Market

The Operational Function

The Development Budget

The Operational Profitability

The Guest Experience

Variou marketing tool logos

Develop a Sales and Marketing strategy:

Manage client profiles to enrich the database and allow for a targeted qualified audience growth
Select, nurture and utilize the variety of media tools to maximize marketing budgets

Maintain market position and protect the “brand”

Direct all marketing, print, web and social media materials for consistency of quality and message
Manage a rate strategy that serves to increase yield while maintaining  brand integrity
Develop highly valued trade relationships

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