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North America/Caribbean

Regional Restructuring

Amanyara pool
Amangiri Livng Room

Amanresorts, at that time-based in Singapore, offered a guest experience in 26 international properties while providing the highest levels of service and design. Each resort and setting were unique, but certain elements characterized all of them.

Amangani pool in Winter

As the collection expanded, Founder and then Chairman, Adrian Zecha, realized the importance of regionalization in order to more effectively manage ongoing operations and growth. Matthews Hospitality, who served as Regional Directors, provided the expertise to create a newly-formed regional office, based in North America, and served to;

Liaise with Singapore Head Office

Liaise between Property Ownership and Amanresorts

Full oversight of the operations of the existing properties

Business development for all three individual resorts

Research and develop additions to the regional portfolio

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