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Necker Island

British Virgin Islands | Caribbean

Private Island Management

Pre and Post Opening

Necker Island
Necker Island Flamingos
Necker Island Sunset
Necker Island Lunch
Necker Island Beach
Necker Island Sundeck
Necker Island Night
Necker Island Pool
Necker Island Buddah
Necker Island House
Necker Island Lunch
Necker Island Trees

Established and managed a Single-Group-Destination concept on a 74 acre private Caribbean Island for five years. The hotel development project incorporated a full complement of recreation including tennis and water sports.

Specified and procured furnishings, fixtures, and equipment.

Installed full quota of systems, policies, and procedures, recruitment and training.

Collaborated with local government, design, and construction teams to complete a full-service exclusive resort. Management of power generation and water desalination were just two of the unusual skill sets required for the transformation of an uninhabited scrub island to a lush tropical oasis. Careful consideration for the protection of a fragile eco-system was paramount in this work.

Directed a Sales and Marketing plan along with the engagement of a New York-based PR and Reservation Office.

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